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Our village is popular for its summer feasts as dance and traditional food are thought to be very important to Greek people.

During August’ s full-moon night is organized the ‘Feast of sardines’ where you can taste fresh sardines and a lot of vine accompanied with the sounds of traditional Greek music.

In our village you can also find

Just 4 km away from Agioi Apostoloi there is the village of Petries. It is a beautiful traditional village with a panoramic view, huge sycamores, springs, traditional houses and of course the square of the village where you can taste local dishes and fine vine.

On 15th August is a big religious celebration for Greeks and a feast takes place at the central square of Petries with delicious dishes, traditional music and of course a lot of folk dance.

Activities in Petries

Those of you who love hiking we strongly recommend the route from Viros falls to Stomio through a path which starts from Petries and ends up at the little church of Ai-Gianni at Stomio.

The ”Petries Divers School” offers the chance to come in contact with a different side of the sea and the attractive world of the bottom of the sea.

Annual cycling organization starting from Petries and ending up at Agioi Apostoloi.